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GM Studios is a Production Support Service provider, specializing in Jib Crane Operation, Maintenance & Repair


We at GM Studios fully stand with the black community in our fight for racial equality and police reform and hope to add to the conversation we should be all having. Together we are stronger. To show our support for the young activist and small start up activism groups and organizations we are offering FREE WEBSITE SETUP AND HOSTING for any groups in need of a platform to further spread their message of change. This is not about a few voices needing to be heard, this is about all of us speaking with one voice.

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Know Who We Are

About our company

GM Studios is a minority owned production support service, specializing in jib crane rentals, operation, maintenance and repair. 

Founded in 2017 by owner/operator Eric Espeut III, GM Studios has always had the goal of showcasing the talents of minority operators and technicians in the film and television industry.

We have built from that same energy and continue to strive to maintain the level of professionalism and talent our clients have come to expect from us.


We Are Here to Add Value to Your Production

No matter the size of your production or it’s potential longevity, GM Studios can provide you with the kind of specialty camera service that immediately increases the production value of your project or help maintain the value you have with our repair and maintenance services.

Jib Rentals

We offer jib rentals from 6ft to 18ft for any size production, event or commercial

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Jib Maintenance & Repair

We offer on and off site repair and regular maintenance of your equipment, including emergency care

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Jib Operators & Techs

Our team of operators and technicians have a combined 40+ years of production experience

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Jib Technician Training

Our Jib Tech Training Program is designed with young people and new comers to the industry in mind as a way to add to their skill sets and network among our trainees.

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A Short Overview of Our Experience

We truly are dedicated professionals that love what we do, and we have the numbers to show it.


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New Clients

Get 10% Off of Your First Rental with Operator on Any Size Arm

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the commonly asked questions we receive from new clients. If you still have questions please feel free to contact via the form below.

Do You Rent Jibs Without an Operator?

Yes, however we do require that our equipment be accompanied by one of our trained technicians to both assist in the build and trouble shoot any issues should they arise.

Do You Only Shoot Live Television?

No. Though we have been blessed to have extensive experience in live television and live events, our team of talented operators also have many scripted credits under their belts.

Do You Meet the "Minority Owned Business" Requirements?

Yes we do. GM Studios is proudly a 100% minority owned company that holds itself to the highest professional standards and is staffed with the very best talent in the industry.

My Jib is in Pieces. Can You Assemble it?

Absolutely! We can send a trained jib technician to assemble, repair if necessary and calibrate your equipment at a time that is most convenient for you.

Can You Suggest a Jib for My Company to Purchase?

We'd love to. Consulting with clients or potential clients is part of the customer service we provide along with any initial assembly or calibration that is surely required.

Do You Travel Outside of the NYC Area?

Yes we will. Though we tend to stay within the Tri-State area to keep costs at a minimum for our clients we are happy to travel anywhere in the world our clients want us to be.

Still Have Questions?

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