A Special Webinar Review Offer For 2022

2021 was another busy year for webinars as the pandemic plodded on and remote collaboration continued to be the norm. My busy season went later than usual, with webinars booked right up through Christmas week!

But now we’re into the traditional slow season as companies concentrate on webinar planning for the new year. That gives me some much-appreciated down time, and also gives me the opportunity to bring back last year’s special winter offer for two months only.

During January and February, I am offering a reduced rate flat-fee webinar review. Details are available at https://www.wsuccess.com/winterspecial.html

I will review your webinar emails (invitations, confirmations, reminders, follow ups), promotional materials, webinar content, moderating, and delivery. You get a written report telling you where things are in good shape and where you could benefit from making improvements. What you will NOT get is a pitch to use my services.

By the way, this is a lovely way to delicately indicate to a company that you weren’t completely satisfied with the webinars you attended as an audience member. Maybe just pass along a link to the page with a note saying “Thought you might be interested in this!”

Here’s wishing you a bright and bountiful new year, filled with webinars that are worthwhile and effective for both hosts and attendees.

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