Together we are stronger

We Believe That Change Only Occurs When People Talk

To help further the conversation and give smaller voices a platform we have dedicated a portion of our server space and allocated it for use by any small start up activism groups or organizations or individual activists who need a website and a host. All of which is free indefinitely.

What exactly does that mean? Firstly you own your domain and brand we do not. We simply host your website and absorb the monthly cost on our end. It’s a modest effort but we believe every little bit helps the conversation.

Step One

Any group with a domain name already purchased can be hosted on our server

Step Two

We will install and initial setup a wordpress platform for you to grow your website.

Step Three

We will host your website at no cost indefinitely or for as long as you want to keep it up.

Step Four

No censure or restriction of your content​ on your platform. We will not interfere with or shut down your voice in any way.

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