One Studio, Many Uses

Whether you are a speaker looking to add production value to your webinar, a podcaster looking to cross over into webcasting, or a business executive sharing information with your employees, GM Micro Studio is for you.

Our studio was designed with the entrepreneur and small business in mind. We’ve packed all of the features of a big studio into our Micro Studio to provide broadcast quality production at affordable prices.


Speakers, consultants, motivators and educators, GM Micro Studio offers you the ability to increase your audience by enhancing the production value of your product


Podcasters interested in opening up their advertising and audience to the visual side of podcasting will find GM Micro Studio just the place. Live stream and podcast simultaneously


Corporate executives and new product developers needing a broadcast quality product, GM Micro Studio offers comprehensive production support for your live streaming meeting, event or new product/service demo or explainer

News/Talk Show

Independent producers, production companies and journalists in need of a facility that can accommodate your live streaming needs, GM Micro Studio offers the same broadcast quality and NYC broadcast experience to your production

Studio Features

Broadcast Quality Options

Live Streaming

You can live stream your production in 1080p or 720p to any of the many platforms out there including Facebook, Instagram, & Twitch

Video Playback

Roll in video and audio clips during your livestream or recording to enhance your production value with pre-recorded clips

Video Wall

Our 6ft video wall can change to accommodate any background image of your liking. You can even change backgrounds during your production to align with your script

Skype Interviews

Conduct news like interviews with any guest via Skype or Zoom. Your guest will not only be able to communicate with you but hear any clips to add to the conversation

Studio Specifications

Live Streaming/Recording

  • Live Streaming: 1080p or 720p
  • Recording: 1080p
  • Rec Compression: H.264
  • Any Platform


  • 3 Cameras
  • 1 Channel Video Playback: mov, mp4, mpeg, wma
  • 1 Channel Graphics Playout: jpeg, jpg, tiff, png
  • 1 Channel banners or logo: png
  • 1 Channel Skype/Zoom guest
  • Prompter


  • 2 mic channels for on set talent
  • Choice of podcast style or lavalier microphones
  • 2 audio return channels and earpieces for on set talent (IFB)
  • Independent master audio record at 44.1kHz to SD
  • Independent Skype/Zoom audio return
  • Music playback

Video Wall

  • Approx 6' in width, 3' in height
  • Programmable with any 1920x1080 image: Max res: 150px

Looking to Collaborate?

We at GMStudios recognize that not every project has the funding necessary to secure our services at its onset. We offer to those clients the opportunity to collaborate on their project with our compensation received on the back end.

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