Are You Using Personas Correctly In Your Webinars?

Are you involved in sales or marketing? Do you create, promote, or deliver webinars as a part of your process? Perfect! You fit the persona of someone who would benefit from a free webinar this Thursday, September 15.

I will be speaking about the use (and misuse) of personas in sales and marketing webinars. The one-hour free session starts at 9am California / 12pm New York and you can register at this link:

If you haven’t used marketing personas before, I’ll explain the concept and why they are so useful.

If you know about personas but could use a deeper dive into ways to apply them to your sales and marketing webinars, this is right up your alley.

If you are an old experienced hand at using personas, I’ll give you a few eye-opening tips into some bad habits you may have picked up, with ways to make your personas and your webinars more effective.

The session is being hosted by Adobe Connect and Sales & Marketing Management as part of the online SMM Connect community of professionals. I’ll answer your questions live on the air and you’ll get an e-book version of the presentation afterwards.

I look forward to seeing you online!

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