Bone Up On Marketing Webinar Best Practices

Q: What can these movies teach us about webinar audiences?

Three blockbuster movie posters

Q: Why on Earth would a sexist old quote from Sigmund Freud relate to marketing webinar strategies in 2021?

Sigmund Freud quote about what a woman wants

Q: What does Russ Meyer’s 1966 schlockfest have to do with webinar tactics?

Movie title: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

All will be revealed this Wednesday, May 12 as I explore a wide array of things that business marketers need to keep in mind when working on marketing webinars in what we are calling a “post-pandemic” business environment. You know what? I’ll even talk about whether that phrase makes sense!

It’s sponsored by Adobe Connect and the American Marketing Association. I make you a promise… No reading slides for 50 minutes followed by 10 minutes of canned questions. Neither you nor I have time to sit through another one of THOSE.

Click here to register on the Adobe website. Everybody who attends gets a 17-page detailed white paper diving into all the tips from the webinar. See you online!

Oh, are you wondering about the start time where you live? This should help…

  • San Francisco/Vancouver/Las Vegas – 10am
  • Calgary/Denver/Salt Lake City – 11am
  • Chicago/Lima/Winnipeg – noon
  • New York/Caracas/Ottawa – 1pm
  • Rio de Janeiro/Halifax – 2pm
  • London/Lisbon/Lagos – 6pm
  • Paris/Cape Town/Khartoum – 7pm
  • Moscow/Athens/Jerusalem – 8pm

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