New Instructional Video On Smoothing Camtasia Video Edits

Are you a hardcore Camtasia user? I just put together a video explaining a way to use the morph feature of PowerPoint to make your video edits a little less jarring in Camtasia.

You can find my video at

If your feed reader supports embedded video format, you should also see it immediately below this line:


I recognize that the technique I describe is overkill for most projects. It takes extra time and effort on every edit. But once you get things set up and go through the process a time or two, it turns into a fairly quick extra few steps. I find it particularly useful when editing “talking head” video of a person narrating. You can create better transitions between takes or after editing out an unwanted bit of speech so that casual viewers aren’t as aware of the jump cut.

This isn’t going to fool a professional, and it’s not meant to replace professional-grade editing tools. But every little bit helps, and it’s kind of fun to combine some products and editing techniques you might not have thought of bringing together.

Hope you enjoy it!


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